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402-05-15 : Design Release : “Revealing Farmanieh Residential: A Ballet of Elegance and Vision”

Step into a realm where architectural dreams ascend, as we proudly introduce ‘Farmanieh Residential’ – a captivating six-story wonder that reshapes the boundaries of sophistication and design. Join us on an enchanting visual odyssey through this architectural gem, where every facet and feature narrates a tale of meticulous craftsmanship, grace, and limitless creativity.

402-05-01 : Video Featuring Project of Past,Public Release, Project : “Villa Khurvin”

The design uses an archetypal figure of a house with typical inclined roof that is put on the actual structure. The shape comes out of a process of casting the reinforced cement of the top part house with a whole casting structure that is made out of natural stones of the region in the below part and the peripheral frame sheets and the sheets to cast the inclined roof. That is why we see marks of removed casting stones below the house volume.