About KUH

KUH |  کوه  is a studio for Architecture, Design and Construction. It co-operates with a community of partners, associates, engineers, artists and researchers to plan, design and carry-out architectural projects of different scale.
KUH is based in Tehran. The studio addresses majority of built environment questions with areas of activity in Architecture, Design and Construction. It brings ideas to design and help clients to bring it to reality by preparing finest responses for a criteria. The design services varies in scale from interior design to architectural and urban design and consultancy for development and territorial and spatial.

KUH highly employs research tools and creative methods beyond physical program for the receiving commissions. We are committed and responsible to deliver a unique composition of environmentally friendly and human centered design at the needs of client. KUH believes in architectural project as an enriching dialogue and exchange domain among the users and construction industry actors.

KUH was founded on 2017 in Tehran . And re structured on 2023. Mobasher Niqui has since served as the core partner and is its Chief Executive.


KUH promotes rich tapestry of Iranian heritage while embracing the cutting-edge techniques of modern design.